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Tyres and puncture repairs



We can supply, fit and balance a wide range of tyres.


Fitting the latest low profile and run-flat tyres without damaging your alloy wheels can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. We have invested in the latest Liftmaster Automatic Tyre Changer with 'assist arm' to handle these more tricky types of tyre.


Of course, fitting the tyre is only part of the story. We always install a new tubeless valve and dynamically balance every tyre that we fit. Disposing of your old tyre in a legal and environmentally sound manner is also part of the service. You can be sure that whenever we quote you a price for a tyre that price will include: Fitting, Valve, Balance and Old Tyre Disposal. Some advertisements will lure you in with super cheap looking tyre deals then load these essential elements on top as a suprise and don't forget the VAT. It is always worth checking when comparing prices.


There are a baffling number of tyre brands, sizes and tread patterns around. There are some horribly cheap brands that have a tendancy to suffer from premature wear and structural failure. We don't stock these and if they are what you want then we would prefer you to get them somewhere else. At the other end of the scale are the expensive, top brand names. If you have a high performance sports car or a preference for a specific type of tyre then, if we don't have it in stock, we can usually source some pretty quickly.



 We have focused on the 'Prestivo' tyre brand as one that provides a good mix of performance in wet and dry conditions combined with respectable longevity and a reasonable price. 

We are always happy to quote you for any of your tyre requirements and can fit them while you wait at our Abbey Road location. 




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