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Proceedings ... A Web Log


By Pete Appleton
 Wednesday 25th March 2020

The government have just announced that MOT certificates will get a 6 month period of grace. You can still opt to have your test carried out as usual if you want to ensure that your vehicle remains safe. Garages are classed as essential services and will remain open. We hope to continue to provide a service to everyone throughout this period. The number of staff operating at any time will be limited to reduce the risks of transmission.

Maintain your car

This isn't, of course, a license to drive any old piece of rubbish on the road. You still need to be roadworthy and safe. Checking your own lights and tyres is something that you can do easily. If in doubt then feel free to make use of our contact free collection and delivery service.

Puddle Trouble!

By Verity
 Monday 23rd December 2019

Due to recent bad weather, we currently have 3 customers cars awaiting scrap collection! Deep water has damaged the engines internally, because engines have to suck in air to run. If they suck in water, instead of air, this is what will happen!Try to avoid standing water, if you can.Don't drive into flood water that's moving or more than 10cm deep (that is ONLY ankle deep!). Let approaching cars pass first. Test your brakes as soon as you can afterwards. Fast moving water is very powerful and could seep your car away.If your car happened to cut out in a puddle DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RE START IT. If you can get it recovered to a garage you may avoid engine damage.

Project poo!

By Verity
 Thursday 1st March 2018

One of our fleet customers recently purchased a new vehicle and needed their tank off of their old van onto a brand new one. We fabricated the rear section in order for the tank and load area to be safely mounted.

Going on holiday?

By Verity
 Monday 19th February 2018

Will your car get you there and back?Book your vehicle in with us, a week in advance, for peace of mind. We will carry out an inspection and necessary level checks on any vehicle.

Volvo Fire Truck

By Pete Appleton
 Thursday 26th October 2017

Don't panic, Ray hasn't got carried away with the welding torch. It is just a commercial vehicle wiring job for our friends at Warrior Fire Services. Underneath all of the shiny bodywork is a Volvo truck chassis, but who doesn't love a fire engine? Obviously, Oz felt obliged to drive it!

Horse box floor renewal

By Verity
 Tuesday 5th September 2017

We recently had a horse box floor to renew, as the wood had rotted away.To ensure a job was well done, we had to lift off the body from the chassis. Fabricate sheets of marine ply and coat them in fibreglass to make water tight.

New Motorcycle Stock

By Pete Appleton
 Wednesday 8th March 2017

If you have visited our motorcycle showroom or website lately you will have noticed a distinct lack of stock. That is because of a rule change to emission and brake requirements for all new 125cc motorcycles that came into effect at the end of 2016. Our suppliers have been very busy getting the new range of compliant vehicles approved but there has been a delay in getting the new stock through and into the showrooms. We are pleased to say that new stock is starting to arrive and the showroom is filling up in time for the new riding season.

Air Conditioning

By Verity
 Tuesday 21st June 2016

Air conditioning and climate control systems are fitted to nearly all modern vehicles.Most of our technicians have now completed their 'F Gas' certificates and are competent to handle refrigerant gases without harming themselves, anyone else or the environment.The air-conditioning circuit is a major part of your car's climate control system. Whether it is de-humidifying in winter or cooling in summer you soon miss it if it is not working. A re-gas will soon return a sluggish system to full capacity, whilst a leak check is required for a more serious fault.We will be happy to do this at either of our sites.

Large vehicles

By Verity
 Wednesday 4th May 2016

Summer is fast approaching!

We can help you prepare your campervan for your holiday's, long weekends away, festivals . . .

With two large workshops and HGV technicians, we can cater for large vehicle repairs, MOT's and servicing.

Well done Oz

By Pete Appleton
 Thursday 4th February 2016

Congratulations to our Steve 'Oz' Osborne on passing his hgv driving test first go. To be honest he would have needed his backside kicking if he had failed it as he has been working with the trucks on our heavy vehicle side for ages. Getting his license means that he will now be able to take a share of the load ( pun) in delivering and collecting customers vehicles for pmi inspection, repairs and submitting them for test.

Thanks to Hamiltons driver training for their help.

Camper Wiring Challenge

By Pete Appleton
 Friday 8th January 2016

When a living van was brought in with a few electrical systems not working we didn't think it would be much of a challenge. A quick look in the electrics cupboard soon changed our minds. Years of modifications and additions by previous owners had left a jungle of wires and really only one option... Chop it all out and start again.

Below right is the result. Would you believe that there are still the same number of circuits as in the left hand image? Three deep cycle leisure batteries, solar power, 240v inverter and all of the usual goodies. A bit of basic woodwork to stop the batteries sliding around ( well, we never claimed to be cabinet makers) and he is ready to go.

Featured Items

Air Conditioning R1234YF

By Verity
 Thursday 9th July 2020

Coming soon! The new Air conditioning gas R1234YF which most cars have from 2013 onwards. We are always investing in the latest equipment to keep up with the ever changing technology, regulations and laws. Therefore we have purchased the latest machine which enables us to carry out Air conditioning re-gas and necessary work involved with cars built with the system.


By Verity
 Tuesday 21st February 2017

See our 'used vehicles' page for current car sales

Four Wheel Alignment

By Pete Appleton
 Thursday 4th February 2016

The time finally came to update our faithful old tracking gauges for a new, laser, four wheel alignment system. Of course any equipment is only as good as the person using it so we have all had a fairly intensive brush up on steering geometry. It is ok to throw terms like 'caster, camber, thrust angle, toe in and set-back' around but it is not until you have to explain it to someone that you really think about it.

 What is all the fuss about wheel alignment then? Well, it is pretty obvious. The front wheels are linked to each other and to the steering wheel by many components. A bit of distortion or mis-adjustment in any of these will result in each of your wheels pointing in a slightly different direction. As you go up the road they each want to go their own way and you end up dragging them sideways. This results in extra fuel consumption, tyre wear and poor handling. This can be caused by a bit of wear, bumping up a kerb too hard or whacking a deep pot hole. Who hasn't seen a steering wheel that you have to hold offset to travel in a straight line? You would hope that the car didn't come out of the factory like this so it is a clue that something is out of adjustment. Uneven tyre wear is also a sign that something is not right.

The back wheels are equally important. Many modern cars have adjustable rear geometry. The picture above shows how you can compensate for some front mis-alignment by holding the steering wheel off centre. Now have a think about the back wheels. If they are skewed ( alright, it is called thrust angle ) then the back of your car will step out one way.